Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's Eve

We had a great New Year's Eve hanging out at the Selby home. Jamye and Chris were great hosts! Lila got to play with her best buddies, and the grown ups got to have fun as well.

We were home before 10:30, such party animals!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Day

What a Christmas! There's never a dull moment when you have a two month old and two three month old twins. Christmas day was full of fun.

We started the morning off with opening presents at home. Lila got her very first bike from Mommy and Daddy.

She got some other little things as well. One of which was a toy cash register. She actually told me my credit was denied when I tried to purchase something. Where does she hear these things?

Lila loves to pretend. We got her some play food to add to her collection. She was in food heaven.

Elise decided to wake just a few minutes after we started. She was nice enough to sit in her bouncer with no protests while Lila opened presents.

Lila and her Cabbage Patch Sprouts

Ana slept through Christmas morning, but I took a few pictures of her as soon as she awakened.
The aftermath:

Later, we headed to Gran and Poppie's house to spend the day with them and Matt and Tara. Of course, Lila had plenty of gifts to open.
Daddy and Elise hung out and watched Lila open her presents.
Lila got lots of cool stuff! She loves anything she can be creative with, and this Disney Princess drawing /painting set will get lots of use in the coming weeks.
Matt tried his hand at making Ana happy...obviously not a good time.
I took Lila to the potty while Gran and Poppie set up Lila's big gift...her castle tent. It was waiting for her to open it when we returned.

Lila had a ball in her new castle!
She even had Gran (and Daddy and Poppie) get in to play with her.
Aunt Tara after opening her very unique gift.
Aunt Tara and Mommy in their new shades.
Elise wearing Mommy's new's hard to believe these will fit in just a few years.
Poppie always has the magic touch with Ana.
Our little family of 5

Lila giving Poppie and Gran their jingle bell ornaments.

Matt, Tara, and Xena Ward....Lila kept trying to kiss Xena throughout the day, sometimes successful, sometimes not....and Xena totally tolerated it.
Lila showing Tara and Matt something very interesting on TV...Caillou or Dora no doubt.
Lila has a new obsession in Play-Doh. She's been playing with it for quite some time, but she has only recently really taken a huge interest. Matt and Tara got her a really neat set and she had a great time playing with it with them.
Lila's 3rd Christmas and Ana and Elise's first was wonderful. People love to tell us how we have our hands full, and we do, but on days like this we are definitely reminded how much we have been blessed. We are truly grateful for our wonderful family!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was spent primarily with the Davis side of the family. We had a nice late breakfast, opened gifts, and spent a little time together.

Lila had such a good time opening presents. She went ahead and opened them for everyone!

Aunt Melanie got acquainted with Ana.

One of Lila's very favorite gifts this year was her instrument set from Grandma and Pa.

Just like every other Christmas event we've been to this season, someone has to attempt to get the twins to take a bottle. This day, it was Grandma's turn.

Next year will be even more exciting, because we'll have an extra baby in the group. NO, we are not having another baby....we're just excited to welcome Caleb to the Davis clan in February!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Johnson Family Christmas

We had a great time sharing family time with the Johnson side of our family this year. Just like at Thanksgiving, we had great food and great fun.

Ana gave Gran a big smile.

Elise got to know Great-great Granddaddy a little better.
Lila had a great time opening gifts. We started things with her gift from Cathy, Larry, Justing, and Colby...a Dora purse, earrings, bracelet, and cell phone.
Let's not forget the Dora fiesta party dress, which Lila wore for the rest of the afternoon.
We actually still like each other :).
Great Granny tried her hand at the bottle feeding, not so easy.

We tried for a five generation picture; we weren't too successful.

Lila and Daddy...two peas in a pod.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Ward Christmas Party

Lila before the festivities pretty in her red dress.

The babies warmed up to everyone. Here's Elise with Brandi.

I'm sure that Tristan went home and slept like a rock. This kid didn't stop from the moment she arrived until the moment she left.

Aunt Tara had the magic touch with Ana.

Mommy and Elise

Daddy and Elise

Lila hit the clothing mother load with her gifts from Great Mamaw and Great Papaw.
It was great seeing Cousin Holly and Caden.

Gran tried to get Ana to take a bottle, not an easy feat.

Cousin Emma was a great playmate for Lila. They had a great time, and their outfits were nearly identical!

Great Papaw and Elise

Lila and Emma

Cousin Tyler was so good with Lila. She didn't want to leave him!
Great Mamaw and Elise
Poppy with Ana...her hair doesn't appear nearly this red in person.

Poppy with Elise

What a night! We were all beat, especially Ana!

We can't wait for next year!