Sunday, December 21, 2008

Johnson Family Christmas

We had a great time sharing family time with the Johnson side of our family this year. Just like at Thanksgiving, we had great food and great fun.

Ana gave Gran a big smile.

Elise got to know Great-great Granddaddy a little better.
Lila had a great time opening gifts. We started things with her gift from Cathy, Larry, Justing, and Colby...a Dora purse, earrings, bracelet, and cell phone.
Let's not forget the Dora fiesta party dress, which Lila wore for the rest of the afternoon.
We actually still like each other :).
Great Granny tried her hand at the bottle feeding, not so easy.

We tried for a five generation picture; we weren't too successful.

Lila and Daddy...two peas in a pod.

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